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Brooklyn, NY
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Brooklyn, New York | @harrybates
If you want to be a part of it without getting stuck in Manhattan, it’s time to explore New York’s most ascendant borough. From Greenpoint to Sheepshead Bay, Bushwick to Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn isn’t just on the rise — it’s a peak in and of itself. Anyone who’s been to New York but hasn’t been to Brooklyn hasn’t really been to New York, so make this the year you finally do.
Fun Fact:
Brooklyn was an independent city until it merged with New York in what's known among prideful natives as the Great Mistake of 1898.
#brooklyn | jacobybrandon
May — June
Autumn in New York is tempting, but the way Brooklyn greets the warmth of late spring is a sight to behold. Locals are out and about, restaurants open up their patios, and all of New York hums with an energy that can’t be found elsewhere. (Added bonus: The subways aren’t overly hot yet.)
Brooklyn Museum | @brooklynmuseum
There’s at least one place in the city where you won’t hear anyone complaining about constant delays: the New York Transit Museum, which has been an under-the-radar mainstay of Brooklyn Heights since 1976. You enter the former subway station by descending the same iconic steps, which is only the beginning of the fun. The museum's collection includes restored subway cars dating back to 1907 and endless archival material highlighting mass transit’s role in NYC. Even more renowned is the Brooklyn Museum, which first opened its doors in 1985 and is home to more than 1.5 million works. Especially famous for its American Art section, which houses pieces from the likes of Norman Rockwell and Mark Rothko, the museum has in recent years held exhibits on everything from "Star Wars" to hip hop.
The Bushwick Collective | @ashley__aujla
The City as Canvas
Plenty of cities have street art. Few have anything on the level of the Bushwick Collective. There’s nowhere else like it for artful graffiti and murals, which transform entire buildings into canvases and entice passersby to remove their eyes from the sidewalk as they stroll through nearly 100 blocks of one of the borough’s most vibrant neighborhoods. For an even more immersive experience, visit Bushwick Open Studios in the fall for a full weekend of artists opening their workspaces to the public and putting their latest pieces on display.
#upstatestock | @diana.gerstacker
Flea ‘Till You Flee
For more than 10 years, Brooklyn Flea has been among the best places in New York to find everything from vintage clothes and artisanal furniture to antiques and surprisingly good brisket. The food vendors at this weekend gathering — which takes place indoors at Smorgasburg during the cold winter months — are better and more varied than you’d expect. If you visit the Williamsburg location, extend your shopping day by popping into one of the neighborhood’s many boutique stores while you’re out.
Prospect Park | @dylanglockler
A Thrilling Prospect
If there’s one downside to Central Park’s fame, it’s that New York’s many other lovely parks tend to go unnoticed. At the top of that list would have to be Prospect Park, the ideal spot for a picnic on a warm day and a lovely place for a stroll on just about any day. Bigger than you’d expect at 526 acres, it’s also home to a zoo, boathouse, 19th-century villa, concert grove, and even a private Quaker cemetery.
Nastasia’s Discovery
"Started the day off walking through a real life dream... If you’re in New York, head to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden."
Llama Inn | @llamainnnyc
When the Moon Hits Your Eye
One question is on the mind of everyone who comes to New York: Where’s the best pizza? Your options are virtually unlimited in the city, but Di Fara stands out even among the best. A favorite among in-the-know locals, it was founded in 1965 by an Italian immigrant who’s still going strong more than half a century later. There isn’t much on the menu, nor does there need to be — everything here is delicious, so go with your gut and choose your favorite toppings. Then there’s Llama Inn, an almost unbelievably good Peruvian spot whose dishes for two (like the beef-tenderloin stir fry) are a must. The main courses aren’t the only standouts, as the cocktails are worth arriving early for and the burnt-meringue key-lime pie will keep you there late.
The Williamsburg Hotel | The Williamsburg Hotel
No Sleep ‘Till (the) Brooklyn
Where to stay in Brooklyn? Why not the Brooklyn? Pricey but worth it, this boutique establishment is situated between Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, which is to say it’s right in the heart of it all. All 34 rooms boast unique designs and a chic sensibility that extends throughout the entire hotel. For a relaxing rooftop pool with a striking view of the NYC skyline, check into the Williamsburg Hotel. With a distinct look befitting its location and luxe accommodations, it’s the perfect place to treat yourself.
Brooklyn, New York | @diana.gerstacker
Cross That Bridge When You Come to It
"As it's gaining popularity, many Manhattanites are crossing the bridge to take in all this borough has to offer. One of my favorite things to do is actually make the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! Not only are the views amazing, it's an active activity, which is a fan favorite for me!" – @fitinheels_
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