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Moraine Lake, Canada

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Why We Created The Discoverer

Something cool happens to your brain whenever you experience something new. There’s a lengthy scientific explanation that involves words like “substantia nigra” and “stimuli” but the short version is that your brain likes to discover new things. And what better way to discover something new than by traveling the world?

People who travel are happier, healthier, and more creative. That’s why we created The Discoverer - to change the way we discover the world. We wanted to inspire people to explore Earth’s most incredible destinations, whether that means grabbing a suitcase and heading out on a new journey, or simply reading a story about an exotic location while curled up at home.

Each edition features insight from genuine discoverers in our community and allows you to escape from your daily routine for a few minutes to experience something new.

The Discoverer's weekly emails allow me to escape the daily mundane and transport myself to extraordinary bucket list destinations if only for a few minutes.- Colby Marie


Jasper, Canada


Matanuska Glacier, USA


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