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Calgary, Alberta | @brandonf92
The Wild West springs to life in Calgary, the professed "Cowtown" of Canada. With the Rocky Mountains in its backyard, Calgary has often been a place for travelers to stock up before they head out to Banff or one of the other nearby national parks. But Calgary has its own history, culture, and vibrant spirit that warrants a second look. Whether you’re here for a day or a week, this understated metropolis is sure to leave its mark.
Fun Fact
Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city, with an average of 333 sunny days per year.
Map of Calgary
June – August
While Calgary does have its own winter sports parks, the best time to visit is in the summer. Between Canada Day to the Calgary Stampede, the first two weeks of July are Calgary’s craziest. Either plan around these events or embrace the chaos and the crowds to join in on the fun. Whatever season you travel in, watch out for a Chinnok –  a warm wind that can raise the temperature drastically. Dress in layers in case of weather fluctuations.
#capturecalgary | @tronnes
The Cultured Cowboy
Though touted as Canada’s Cowtown, Calgary is incredibly diverse. Over 120 languages are spoken in the city, and it also elected Canada’s first Muslim Mayor. Scattered among the rodeo attractions are several cultural stops to appeal to all travelers. Stop by the world-renowned Glenbow Museum to view incredible art and history collections. If you prefer a little shopping, check out Stephen Avenue and 17th Avenue. Finally, just walking through the streets can offer glimpses of a number of outdoor art installations, like metal tree sculptures and the Wonderland sculpture depicting a large metal head that is both eerie and beautiful.
#calgarystampede | @bekayshow | @rockin_a_photo
The Real Rodeo Drive
Calgary is the embodiment of cowboys, outlaws, and ranchers. The world-famous Stampede has been lauded “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” - an accolade confirmed by The Discoverer’s designer and Calgary native, Trina Parkin. At its heart, Stampede is a good old fashioned rodeo, but there are also races, cattle auctions, and fair-style rides and games. But if you aren’t in town for this spectacle, there are still plenty of ways to get a little country. Slip into the mega-bar Cowboys Dance Hall to get to boot-scootin’ boogie. Book a horseback riding tour through the countryside, and learn a little more about the traditions in the area.
Moraine Lake | @lifewithelliott
A Little Rocky
You can’t talk about Calgary without addressing the elephant in the room - that is, the massive Canadian Rocky Mountains. If you’re in Calgary, odds are you’re heading straight to Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, or K-Country (Kananaskis) for a little outdoor revel. Whether you want to snowshoe across the Columbia Icefield, horseback ride through the Rockies, or paddle Moraine Lake, these national parks hold wonders that will take longer than a day to explore.
Peace Bridge | @jonathanjacobs_
Summer Lovin'
If you aren’t quite ready to strike out into the wilderness, Calgary still offers plenty of outdoor fun for a traveler in need of fresh air. In the summer, visit Prince Island Park to feed the ducks or board a canoe and paddle down the Bow River for a change of scenery. You can also hop between various markets around the city, exploring stores from local artists and entrepreneurs. If you visit in the winter, hit the ice skating rink Downtown. Finally, if you love winter sports, check out WinSport where you can see the bobsled used by the Jamaican Olympic team (you know, the one that inspired the movie Cool Runnings?).
Ryan's Discovery
"I have fallen in love with this city the moment I moved here. I grew up in a small town and always aspired to live in a big city like New York or LA. Calgary has that big city feel with a small town vibe in such a way that you can pop into any bar and feel welcome and have a great time. I love how much personality the city has in its art, music and sports scenes as well. I feel like Calgary is paving the way for a new generation and is becoming a welcome choice for travellers to visit so they can experience how truly inspiring and fun this city is. There is quite literally never a dull moment in Calgary and I would recommend anyone to visit."
Regrub | @joelchika
A Mealtime Medley
Calgary might not be touted as a culinary haven quite as much as its neighbors Montreal and Vancouver, but this crazy diverse city offers an array of options for eaters of all kinds. Whether you need a dose of Mexican food from Native Tongues, or your sweet tooth is acting up and you need a milkshake from REGRUB (try the Cookie Monster), Calgary has you covered. A visit to the Calgary staple, River Cafe, is also in order for a nice night on the town.
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | @brianthio
Sleep Tight, Calgary
Calgary is a versatile city, so we got the low-down on hotels for both city slickers and nature lovers. For City Life: Check out upscale boutique hotels like Hotel Arts and Hotel Elan, or go local and browse the Kensington Airbnbs. For Mountain Life: You can’t go wrong with the luxurious Fairmont Lake Louise. With an unbeatable view and stunning amenities, this is one of the top spots in the area. If you’re going out to K-Country, check out Kananaskis Mountain Lodge for another fantastic experience.
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Tom Campbell Hill | @ana_shahnovich
Layer Up!
"In Calgary, the weather may change drastically and quickly by a phenomenon called the Chinook Wind, which is a warm air coming from the Rockies, so always plan to have options in terms of clothing. That said, Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in North America!" - @yoann_savi
Say Howdy
"Calgarians will help each other out, even people they hardly know. It’s easy to make acquaintances in Calgary. You’ll find yourself in a 2-hour conversation with a person you just met." - @canada_by_alexis
Soul Cycle
"Calgary has the largest urban pathway network in North America, and it's beautiful. A Saturday ride can take you along the river, through bustling green spaces, around swimming spots and into spacious prairies with spectacular mountain views. Last weekend, I stumbled upon a huge, lively Venezuelan festival on my ride through Edworthy Park." - @calgaryisgood
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