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Singapore | @marvinlh04
Singapore has been waiting for its day in the sun. Over the past decade, the nation has been building up its infrastructure along with a sparkling reputation for modern innovation and high-class luxury. Now, the city-state is finally getting its due, proving itself a star among Asia’s finest for travelers of all kinds. Seamlessly blending Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian culture, with awe-inspiring green spaces and groundbreaking technology, Singapore is ready for you.
Fun Fact:
Singapore is one of only three city-states in the world. It’s also an island nation, with one main island and 62 offshore islands. And yes, it’s true, chewing gum has been banned since 1992.
Map of Singapore
February - April
Cool and breezy are two words you won’t use to describe Singapore. This toasty city is generally hot and humid, with soaring temperatures in the summer and rain throughout the winter. The best time to visit is after the rain stops and before the heat kicks up, generally February to April. There are fewer public holidays in this time frame so exploring the city is easier.
Gardens by the Bay |
The Not-So-Secret Garden
Travelers today know Singapore by its main calling card – Gardens by the Bay. Call up any image online and you’re sure to see the sparkling Supertrees glittering by the still water. A major tourist draw? Yes. But it’s one you absolutely cannot miss. Gardens by the Bay is a stunning nature park featuring 3 waterfall gardens, one of which houses massive Supertrees that you can walk between via suspended walkways. Time your visit to the Cloud Forest to see the vegetation-covered mountain engulfed in mist, and be sure to pose in front of the waterfall. If you haven’t had enough, hop over to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO site that features thousands of orchids and other tropical vegetation.
Asia/Singapore | @sungoskate
An Asian Melting Pot
Known for its shining downtown skyline, Singapore is also home to several neighborhoods that offer a tour through the best of multiple Asian cultures. From the Hindu temples of Little India to the paper lanterns of Chinatown, each neighborhood immerses you in a new corner of Asia. Between the cultural enclaves you can find a neighborhood to fit your style: quiet and calm, young and hipster, or elegant and historic. Each region boasts shops, restaurants, and decor to fit your travel style.
Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa | @jmwang5
Out of City - Out of Mind
Traveling with kids? No problem. Outside the main island lies an entertainment center better than Disneyland. Sentosa Island has everything you need to entertain the kiddies (and yourself) for days. From a thrilling water park, to Universal Studios Singapore, to a handful of stunning beaches, there’s plenty here to capture your attention. Stay in one of the island’s resorts and enjoy Tanjong Beach before strapping in for a zip line at the Adventure Park. Also on your to-do list? Spa treatments, outdoor movies, and world-class golf.
ArtScience Museum | @devhathiramani
I Want Fabulous
Singapore takes everything to the next level, and if you still have time and energy there’s plenty more to see. Museums? Try fascinating exhibitions on technology and innovation in a giant, lotus-shaped building on the water. Or the world’s largest public collection of Southeast Asian art in a beautifully restored building at the National Gallery. What about shopping? Maybe the artsy boutiques and burgeoning designers in shophouses along Haji Lane will entrance you. Or a high-end mall with a canal running through the middle of the shops. Not too many destinations can boast these experiences.
Sean's Discovery
"When you first visit Singapore, you’ll feel like you've entered into a city of the future. The beautiful bay, striking architecture, and cultural landmarks are a sight to behold. But the most fascinating element to me is how the city perfectly blends three cultures. It's immediately evident how this creates a diverse mindset in Singapore's citizens, and spreads to visitors from around the world. You get the sense that you’re in a truly cosmopolitan city, bringing the best parts of Southeast Asia all onto one island."
A Guide to Singapore's Coolest Neighborhoods
Liao Fan Hawker Chan Singapore | @the_little_eclair
All You Can Eat - Literally
Anyone who has been to Singapore can tell you that hawker centers are the place to eat. The Singapore version of a cafeteria, these food centers are not like the food court in your local mall. Instead, many of them boast Michelin-star restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Try everything from Hainanese Chicken Rice to Bak Kut Teh. If you get overwhelmed by all the options, discoverer @_saturation says, "When eating at neighborhood hawker centres/coffee shops, the stall with a very long queue usually means that the food being sold there is very tasty." For a fancier night on the town, check out one of Singapore’s fabulous rooftop bars. Favorites include Altitude at Raffles Place and Cé La Vi, a bar overlooking the city.
Marina Bay Sands | Aldreyan Quito, @potograpiya_
Sweet Dreams, Singapore
There’s only one place worth talking about when you think Singapore hotels: Marina Bay Sands. This hotel is as much a tourist destination as it is a stunning resort. With an instagrammable rooftop infinity pool and bar, plus shops and a casino, this hotel has it all. Even if you choose not to stay in one of the luxurious rooms, you have to make a visit. If you feel like staying away from the sightseers, check out some of Singapore’s boutique hotels, like Wanderlust and Club.
#visitsingapore | @jackjbrookes
Be Prepared
"One weird thing about eating out in Singapore: tissues or napkins are rarely supplied. You are supposed to bring your own or buy as extra." – @agneskoltay
Get Around
"When using the MRT, make sure to always have your MRT card topped up to more than $10. Sometimes the automatic ticket machine will not let you through even if you have some money left in your MRT card, but it's not enough to cover you potentially going to end of the line." – @pointupvisuals
Let's Roll
"Singapore can be great to cycle around. With the amount of bicycle-share companies dotted around the city (like Ofo), it's super easy to get your hands on one. You can simply use the app to unlock one of the bikes, ride to your destination, and then follow the app instructions to lock it up again." – @jackjbrookes
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