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Jackson, USA
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Grand Teton National Park | @davidmrule
There are a lot of places in the U.S. where you can enjoy Mother Nature, but Jackson has to be one of the top contenders. Mountain-backed meadows, meandering creeks and access to not one but two national parks – this mountain town has it all. It’s easy to overlook the attractions of the town itself, but there’s plenty for skiers, roadtrippers and hikers alike to dive into.
Fun Fact:
The world’s only public auction of elk antlers is held in Jackson Town Square every May. Don’t worry, the antlers are naturally shed by the elk and collected by local Boy Scouts.
June – March
Whether you’re a snow bunny or sun seeker, Jackson is stunning nearly year-round. It all depends on your activity of choice. The region is blanketed in snow during the winter, making it the prime time of year for skiers and snowboarders to test runs of all levels. Summer attracts hikers and mountain bikers to the Teton peaks. The only time you might want to avoid is the spring mud season, when most resorts close down. Also note that visiting the national parks is restricted during winter when snow covers the roads, and things don’t typically completely open up until May.
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Let the Sunshine In
It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway — Jackson has some outstanding outdoor activities. And while you might be tempted to head straight to Yellowstone (we’ll get to that later), stop a while and enjoy the activities a little closer to home. Jackson Hole (the entire valley in which the town of Jackson sits) has plenty to occupy even the most restless traveler. Hike nearby Snow King Mountain, a rite of passage for locals, and in the summer enjoy a scenic float down Snake River. Death Canyon is another popular hike, and if you’re courageous (and can convince a local to show you how to do it safely) attempt the jump at Phelps Lake. Mountain biking, fishing, paddle boarding and horseback riding are also not only encouraged, but practically mandatory.
"If you’re a hiker I recommended the Phelps Lake Loop. It’s a total of 7.2 miles, making it rather long but 100% worth it in the end. The lake is gorgeous and it’s perfect to pack a lunch and go for the day." – @_____sully
Jackson, Wyoming | @brian.doll
Small Town Throwdown
Jackson might be on the small side but it more than makes up for its smaller population with plenty to do. The Valley Bookstore is a staple, and whether you come for the western coffee-table books or want a staff recommendation, it’s a must-visit. Don’t forget the art in the city, either. The Brookover Gallery and the National Museum of Wildlife Art will tempt you with their offerings, and give you a warm place to wander awhile. If you want live-action entertainment, go the tourist route and enjoy a wild-west dinner show or the weekly cowboy shootout in the square.
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Snow Much Fun
If you’ve heard of Jackson before, odds are it’s because of its world-class skiing. The region is home to three ski resorts: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort. Each resort offers runs of all levels for snowboarders and skiers. If vertical skiing isn’t really your thing (and we don’t blame you) then strap on a pair of snowshoes and head out to flatter terrain. With striking views of the Grand Tetons, you’ll still get that wintry mountain experience.
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Go Buck Wild
Jackson is perfectly primed for some wild encounters, with tons of local residents that call the region home. We’re talking moose, elk, bears, coyotes and more. This means several things: First, you need to keep your wits about you – and your pets. Don’t approach or feed the wildlife, and be alert while hiking. If you want to learn more, head out to the National Elk Refuge or join a wildlife tour, where a guide will teach you about the region’s ecosystem.
Megan's Discovery
"What makes Jackson stand out among other similar mountain towns? Old World Charm – Town Square retains some of the Old West feel from its founding days. And National Parks – nowhere else do you get access to nature like Jackson: two National Parks within 2 hours that offer unlimited outdoor activities."
Persephone Bakery | @andrealwatson
Cowboy Country
Jackson is cowboy country and its cuisine matches with plenty of good ol’ barbecue and hearty food to keep you satisfied. From Big Hole BBQ to the boot-stomping bar Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, you can throw on your cowboy boots and dance through the night. If you want to go a little less overtly rustic, spots like King Sushi and Snake River Grill have you covered. And don’t worry about breakfast: Between Cafe Genevieve and the delightful Persephone Bakery, you’ll never go hungry.
AMANGANI | @jaclyn.christopher
Under the Stars
With close access to world class skiing and city attractions, staying in downtown Jackson is your best bet for fun. Try Hotel Jackson, a boutique hotel in Town Square, or the historic Wort Hotel. But for the ultimate luxury experience, check into Amangani, a paragon of relaxation with stunning mountain views. And if the weather is nice and you have the right equipment, why not skip the hotel and sleep under the stars? The area is not lacking for campgrounds, so whether you want to car camp or backpack, you can become one with nature.
Grand Teton National Park | @nicwildandfree
Take a Look
"Grand Teton National Park is a must-see. Jenny Lake is my favorite. You can canoe beneath the mountain range to experience full zen. The drive along the Tetons is majestic within the park. The pass into the park is valid for 7 days, which is nice, because you will definitely want to return." – @maurer_flower
Stop and Smell the Roses
"Of all the stunning pullouts along the roads in Grand Teton National Park, Oxbow Bend has possibly the most bang for your roadside-viewing buck. Just one mile north of the Jackson Lake Dam and west of the Park Entrance at Moran Junction, the views of the Snake River, Mount Moran and the wildlife are unforgettable." – @jimmahaffie
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