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Zanzibar, Tanzania
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Zanzibar, Tanzania | @drone_bob
Tanzania might conjure images of grassy plains populated with giraffes and elephants, but tucked away on the coast is one of its most magical ports. With the Indian Ocean lapping at white sand beaches and narrow, maze-like alleys brimming with the scent of spices, Zanzibar enchants. From the historical Stone Town to the magical coral reefs, this destination juxtaposes tropical paradise with the culture and history that make Africa so unique.
Fun Fact:
Queen legend Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar and you can even visit the home where he grew up.
December — February & June — October
Zanzibar might seem like paradise year-round, but it does have its rainy season, with April and May seeing the majority of heavy rainfall. The most popular time to visit is June through October, when the weather is cool and dry. This is the peak travel season,so book ahead to ensure you don’t miss out on accommodations. December to February is less popular but equally as beautiful, featuring warmer temperatures.
House of Wonders | @zanzibarphotos
No Stone Unturned
The heart of Zanzibar City is Stone Town, the UNESCO-designated cultural center of the city. Perched along the western coast of the island, this town is a maze of narrow alleys, bustling markets, ornate doorways and old manors. Getting lost in Stone Town isn’t a bad thing — it’s part of the experience. Wander the Darajani Market and just try not to sample something tasty. Step into the House of Wonders and the Sultan’s Palace, both now museums. Hunt for coral-decorated wooden doorways before stopping to listen to a tarab concert. The town is one for the senses, and you’ll indulge all five with a simple walking tour.
Zanzibar City | @ash_gallery17
Back to the Stone Age
Beneath the captivating cultural experiences in Stone Town lies a history that is both dark and colorful. Influences from several major cultures, including the Persians, Omani and British mingle throughout the city. Explore the Old Fort, built during the days of the Omani Empire, or take a traditional dhow boat into the harbor. But there’s a darker history to explore for this once center of the slave trade. From Kelele Square, the former slave market, to the cramped slave chambers across from the Anglican church, this is a piece of history that must be remembered.
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Beach It Up
Beyond the crowded walls of Stone Town, discover Zanzibar’s pristine beaches. There are a few close to the city, but to achieve the ultimate paradise, head up the coast to Mangapwani, a stunning stretch of sand, or the most popular beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa. The snorkeling in this region is fantastic, and divers of all levels will want to explore Mnemba Island’s crystal clear waters and coral reefs. Nearby Prison Island is also worth visiting, for both its snorkeling and the colony of giant tortoises that live there.
#zanzibarspices | @lotta_axing_travels
Spice Up Your Life
Zanzibar is nicknamed the Spice Island for its plantations that grow some pretty aromatic spices. Cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and more are all found on the island’s plantations. Every tour group in town offers a spice plantation tour where you can encounter these crops and learn more about how they are grown. The tours might be a little touristy, but they’re worth trying. Some even offer homemade traditional dishes served with the very spices that were just collected.
Andrea's Discovery
"Once a fisherman's shack on the East coast of Zanzibar, The Rock Restaurant sits proudly on a crag located in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred feet from the high tide line. Access is by boat at high tide or carefully walking between seaweed crusted rocks at low tide. Be surrounded by an ocean that melds with the sky while enjoying Tambi – a local Swahili spaghetti – and watching natives in the distance harvesting seaweed as the sun sets and the candles are lit."
Forodhani Gardens | @voytecs_travel_photos
Let's Get Spicy
Looking for fresh food in Stone Town? Most people will point you to the evening food market at Forodhani Gardens. Here you’ll find everything from crepes to fresh seafood. Take your time strolling through the market and savoring the scents before picking something to try. When it’s time for a sit-down meal, try Emerson Spice Cafe for rooftop cuisine with a view. Another popular spot is the House of Spices, which features all those delicious locally-grown flavors that Zanzibar is famous for.
Emerson Spice Hotel | @ajhamadi
Sleep Like a Rock
Numerous merchant mansions and sultan palaces have been transformed into luxury accomodations for visitors who flock to Stone Town. Emerson Spice Hotel is one favorite boutique hotel, set in three World Heritage buildings with a rooftop terrace and peaceful rooms. The Zanzibar Serena Hotel is another favorite, particularly for its location on the water with killer views. For something more affordable, there are plenty of Guest Houses, like the Jambo Guest House, that offer clean and simple accommodations.
Zanzibar, Tanzania | @svoimxodom
Stay Safe
"I personally felt super safe during the whole trip. My main tips: don't leave the car during a safari, take a taxi instead of dala dala at night, be respectful of people when walking around the villages – all basic stuff really." – @iigorskaya
"I suggest to use US dollars to pay everything and to change the money in your country before to go." – @lucatornincasa
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