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Sedona, USA
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Sedona, Arizona | @johnnyroadtrip
No matter who you are or where you come from, Sedona is like candy for the soul — addicting, sweet and oh-so-satisfying. Red rock spires reach towards blue skies, forming a landscape of contrasts you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Throw in world-class spas, some spiritually-aligning vortexes and a basket of adventures and you’ll have trouble tearing yourself away.
Fun Fact:
The only McDonald’s in the world without the iconic golden arches is in Sedona. Here, the fast-food restaurant’s arches are turquoise, since gold clashed too much with the natural landscape.
March — May
Northern Arizona is notoriously toasty in the summer, but don’t underestimate its winters. Just this year Sedona saw a blanket of snow cover its iconic red peaks. Spring travel is ideal for anyone hoping to spend time in the great outdoors. Sunny skies, flowering cacti blooms and warm temperatures all make for a perfect season.
Cathedral Rock | @kgat15
The Colors of the Spirit
You could spend weeks exploring the hiking trails around Sedona and still not discover everything. The trails around the town have long been the region’s biggest attraction, and we have to admit there’s nothing else in the world quite like a day exploring this rust-colored landscape. There’s a hike for everyone, and even if you’re only up for a short walk you’re still guaranteed gorgeous views. Devil’s Bridge is a popular 1.2-mile hike to a fantastic natural bridge, or try the moderate hike to Bell Rock, which includes a little hands-and-knees rock scrambling at the end. For something a bit more immersive, try Bear Mountain Trail for a half day of stunning discoveries. Then slip over to Crescent Moon Ranch at sunset to watch the famous Arizona sun dip below the red pillars of Cathedral Rock. We’re only scratching the surface, here, so do plenty of research to find the best trail for you. And remember to come prepared — we’re talking sunscreen and plenty of water.
#sedonaescape | @johnnyroadtrip
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
If hiking isn’t really your thing — or if it is and you still want more — there are plenty of other heart-pumping adventures to be had among the red rocks. Pink Adventure Tours offers off-roading adventures in a stylish pink Jeep through iconic rock formations. Or, get above it all with a helicopter jaunt or hot air balloon journey. If the weather is warm and sunny, grab a tube and head up to Oak Canyon where you can splish and splash at Slide Rock State Park. Dip in the cool waters of Oak Creek and scoot along the smooth rocks for a natural waterpark adventure.
Chapel of the Holy Cross | @blaznazn77
Cultured Cool
Don’t overlook the town of Sedona while you’re on your way to the great outdoors. The string of shops, restaurants and art galleries are easy to walk and there are a few other attractions you can’t miss. Make your way to Chapel of the Holy Cross, a striking structure built into a spur of red rock 200 feet above the ground. In town, peruse an array of souvenirs, from healing crystals to Red Dirt Shirts, dyed with real Sedona dust. Finally, you can’t miss an evening exploring the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. This outdoor market features art galleries and craft shops in a shaded, cobblestone courtyard that provides a nice respite from the sun.
#visitarizona | @dchoigraphy_95
Spiritual Alignment
Visitors who don’t come to Sedona for the hiking typically are drawn by its energy vortexes. These centers of spiritual alignment lie along intersections of natural energy, also known as ley lines, and are believed to offer healing and balancing. Plenty of tours will guide you to the different vortexes and explain their energetic effects. Whether you search out these vortexes or not, there’s no doubt that Sedona is especially relaxing. Nearby resorts offer luxury spa treatments, meditation retreats and forest bathing guides. So take some time while you’re here to be still and soak up the magical energy around you.
Harriet's Discovery
"Sedona is such a beautiful and diverse place, and there is something for everyone whether it be hiking, mountain biking, golfing, eating out or simply enjoying a scenic drive! Apart from any activities, the landscapes are beautiful and it’s truly wonderful at night with all the stars and at sunset! My favorite thing to do in Sedona is hike! There are so many trails to see of varying difficulties as well as some spots where you can more or less pull up for a scenic view!"
Cowboy Club | @blurdevil
Cactus Fries for the Win
Sedona is pretty small, and because it’s heavily trafficked many of its restaurants can get a bit pricey. But there are a few standouts that you should try. Perhaps best loved is the Cowboy Club, which serves up famous cactus fries with a prickly pear sauce (trust us — it’s delicious). Chocolatree is for those with a sweet tooth, with vegan desserts and tasty coffee to start or end your day right. You can find some classic Southwestern Mexican at Elote Cafe. And finally, for a fancy night with a loved one, L’Auberge offers candlelit, creekside dining at its finest.
L'Auberge de Sedona | @leighweingus
Red Rock Relaxation
Sedona accommodations can be on the pricey side, though you can find budget options if you look. If money is no object, stay at the world-famous L’Auberge, a stunning resort and spa that takes full advantage of its natural surroundings with creekside-dining, meditation programs and romantic rooms with red-rock views. For something cozier, Adobe Hacienda Bed & Breakfast is an adorable option set right on Sedona’s golf course. Twenty minutes away, Cottonwood also offers plenty of affordable lodging, and of course, stargazers should definitely check out camping in Oak Creek Canyon at Cave Springs Campground.
#sedonahiking | @bluejaytaytay
Hike it Up
"Tip for Devil’s Bridge: Park in the first dirt parking lot you see. Unless you have a four wheel drive Jeep able to handle very uneven terrain, do not try to go further on the road!" – @alloveradventure
Have Respect
"We always make time to head out after dark - the real magic happens when you break trail by moonlight! But remember, many believe this land is sacred - protect it, respect it, and leave no trace." – @bluejaytaytay
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