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What are people saying about The Discoverer?

My Favorite Travel Source

Just keep killing it! So glad you guys exist. By far my favorite travel source, and I'm continually inspired by what you're doing, how you're accomplishing it, and the community you're creating. Cheers!!
– Constance Higley

5 Minutes to Fly Far Away

It's always nice to take a break with The Discoverer... 5 mins to fly far away from the office and dream with open eyes!
– Carlotta Toscano

Can't Wait to 'Visit' More Places

What a great e-mail to read and experience thrilling inspiration taking over a curious mind! Can't wait to 'visit' more places with your information and begin planning my next adventure.
– Kelley Wren

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Sunset photo of colorful buildings in foreground


Hamilton, Bermuda

This made me want to throw my hands in the air, push my desk violently away, grab my purse...and go on an adventure! Bermuda, you just made it on my bucket list. What a discovery!

Nadya Somoe Ngumi

Go Deep and Discover Hidden Treasures

What sets the Discoverer apart from others is that it doesn't just skim the surface, it makes the effort to go deep into the sea and bring out hidden treasures, gems that you'd normally not find on other websites. I was pleased to see my hometown Jaipur featured! Those are the places where I take my friends & family when they come visit!
– Nandita Gupta

I Could Go On and On

I could go on and on about why I love the Discoverer. I have a reading disability, so I typically can't retain heavy amounts of reading material. I love the graphs, maps and short bits of historical and helpful information to supplement the beautiful photos. I also LOVE that I don't feel like I'm getting fed a sales pitch!

Experience Amazing Locations

Given that I don't have a lot of money to travel at the moment, The Discoverer allows me to experience amazing locations and cultures throughout the world. Seeing what there is to do and see as well as learning about the people and culture makes me so excited to one day visit these places and have amazing adventures.
– Mark Crabbe

Landscape of mountains with hot air balloons in foreground
Portrait of mountains with hot air balloons in foreground


Cappadocia, Turkey

LOVED IT. Cappadocia has always been on my bucket list but now you got me looking at tickets! Can't wait to explore :)

Nati Valderrama

Bucket List Overflowing

I have immensely enjoyed every edition of the Discoverer... retiring soon... bucket list overflowing... thank you... keep up this incredible coverage... proof there is so much to savor... really wonderful to know about you!
– Carl Faust

Escape the Daily Mundane

The Discoverer's weekly emails allow me to escape the daily mundane and transport myself to extraordinary bucket list destinations if only for a few minutes.
– Colby Marie

Handy for Travelers on a Budget

One thing about the Discoverer I love is that it features not only well known spots and tourist magnets but also smaller restaurants and places to stay. That comes in handy for travelers on a budget!
– Helen & Vera

Foggy downtown buildings
Downtown scene with railcar in foreground


Lisbon, Portugal

Beautifully done! I would like to go to Lisbon right now! Our age prevents us from travelling. We are in our 80s and have infirmities. Thank you very much.

– Frank and Rina Stobbe

Little Mental Vacations

Yours is the ONLY leisure/e-commerce email newsletter that I allow in my work inbox. I love taking little mental vacations with your editions.
– Dane Miklaus

Makes me want to live on the go!

Keep up the great work! Awesome pics, awesome descriptions! Makes me want to live on the go!
– Dave Cannon

Very well put together

Having lived in Boston for the first fifty-three years of my life, I feel your representation of the city is very well put together. One of the better representations I have read.
– Russell D. Stone


Cinque Terre, Italy

Great writeups, beautiful photographs, and insightful opinions that keep adding locations to my 'to-visit' list with every new piece!

Jane Ng

We're Fans!

In real life we enjoy exploring a new location with a local guide, or getting tips from our friends who've been there already. The Discoverer mimics this experience in an engaging way by using other travelers to tell the story of a new location. We're fans!
– Pieter & Nathalie

Dive into the Wonders of the World

When new e-mail from the Discoverer makes it to my inbox, I know it's time to make a cup of coffee and dive into the wonders of the world. I love that it's always a story from a real person who has real experience and can share what's not written in the guide.
– Jana Kovarova

Great Subscription!

Really enjoying! As someone who is obsessed with travel, I love receiving your emails. They are concise and to the point, but contain all the info you need. Great subscription!
– Jennifer Goff