5 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Hotel Room
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5 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel comes with a list of unspoken rules. Keep the noise down after hours, don't slam the door to your room, and avoid the overpriced snacks in the minibar. But there are a few other things you may not think about that you should avoid. From putting your suitcase on the bed to using the throw pillows, here are five things you should never do in a hotel room.

Put Your Suitcase on the Bed

Suitcase next to bed in hotel room.
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You drag your suitcase along sidewalks, across streets, through the airport, and stow it in the overhead bins on an airplane, picking up germs and dirt all along the way. Although it might seem like a good spot at first glance, the hotel bed is the last place you want to put your suitcase. Most hotel rooms provide a suitcase stand or luggage rack for storing luggage during your stay. Not only does this keep linens and other furniture clean, it also provides a good staging ground for both unpacking and packing.


Cigarettes in a pack.
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Most indoor spaces have banned smoking in the last ten years, so this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Smoking or vaping in your hotel room can come with hefty fines. There’s also a high likelihood that it will set off the fire alarms, sending the entire hotel outside and summoning the fire department. The smell of smoke lingers far longer than you might realize and hotel room windows often don’t open to aerate the scent. While some may think they’re being sneaky, it’s not worth the expensive cleaning bill after you leave.

Use the Throw Pillows

Throw pillow on couch.
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Worried that some items in your hotel room have never been washed? You can almost guarantee that those decorative throw pillows adorning the sofa or chair have never seen a washing machine. Avoid using the throw pillows, especially considering that most hotels will bring up extra pillows for free. Who knows who else has used those pillows or when the hotel last took cleaned them.

Forget to Check for Bedbugs

White bedding and pillow in hotel room.
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An unfortunate reality of travel today is the presence of bedbugs. Even fancy hotels can be plagued by these biting little buggers. As soon as you step inside your room, place your suitcases and other bags on the luggage rack instead of the carpet or bed. Pull up the sheets and linens to inspect the seams of the mattress, where most bedbugs like to hang out. While bedbugs can be almost invisible to the naked eye, there are some telltale signs to look out for. You may see tiny blood stains or specks of brown lining the seam or anywhere on the mattress. If the infestation is considerable, you might even see live bedbugs crawling around.

Use Glasses Without Washing Them First

Coffee mugs, wine glasses, water glasses, and an electric kettle on a shelf in hotel room.
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Another often forgotten item for housekeeping is the provided glassware. Most hotel rooms have small water glasses, often stored in the bathroom, for guests to use for drinks or rinsing their mouths. If you’re planning on using these, always wash them out with hot, soapy water first. This is one of those small considerations that’s overlooked but could potentially have a big impact on your overall health.

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