9 Museums for People Who Hate Museums
9 Museums for People Who Hate Museums

Can we be real for a second? Museums can be...boring. It's true that many museums are enlightening, historical, and visually compelling. But sometimes we need a little something extra to keep our attention from wandering.

If you're part of the group who doesn't love museums, consider that maybe you just haven't found the right museum. Here are 9 museums even people who hate museums will enjoy.

Museum of Old Art and New - Hobart, Tasmania

Credit: jeffowenphotos/Flickr

Quirky, unusual, strange. All these words have been used to describe the MONA. But here's one more for the list — FUN. Everything about this museum is fascinating. Its collection is incredibly varied, with modern, contemporary and antiquities making an appearance. Housed in an underground labyrinth, the museum's entrance is located in an old tennis court. The moment you enter, you are instantly plunged into a world of stimulating art. It's a far cry from the stuffy museums you were dragged to as a kid, and it's definitely worth a visit.

The Museum of Broken Relationships - Zagreb, Croatia

Credit: paul prescott/Shutterstock

If you know the pain of having your heart ripped out and stomped on, then you'll love this museum. Originally conceived in Croatia, with a second location in Los Angeles, the Museum of Broken Relationships is for anyone who has felt love's cruel sting. The exhibits include donated personal objects from former lovers, often accompanied by a story about the failed relationship. The displays range from heartbreaking to hilarious, and will entertain and delight even the biggest cynic.

Vasa Museum - Stockholm, Sweden

Credit: Alexander Tolstykh/Shutterstock

A massive wooden warship might not seem like most people's first choice for a museum, but then again Sweden has never done things by the book. The Vasa Museum displays an almost fully-intact 17th-century ship, which sunk in 1628 and has since been salvaged. The museum was built around the ship, which stands on a dry dock. You can tour the ship and the accompanying exhibits that detail its history for an engaging and awe-inspiring experience.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway

Credit: Pavel Tvrdy/Shutterstock

One of the more bizarre museums of the world, the Vigeland Sculpture Park is an open-air park home to more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. It's one of Oslo's most-visited tourist destinations, and it's not difficult to understand why. The collection of bizarre statues includes naked human sculptures cast in bronze, iron and stone, and while some are depicted in traditional poses, there are quite a few engaged in weird scenarios, like hugging giant lizards and fighting flying babies. If the weather is sunny, make your way to this park to see humanity portrayed at its strangest.

The Design Museum - London, England

Credit: Eugene Regis/Shutterstock

London's Design Museum covers the whole wide world of design, from industrial to graphic, fashion and architecture. The museum celebrates all things visual, with exhibitions displaying everything from an old Model T Ford to Vogue Magazine covers to interior design layouts. The museum will make you stop and appreciate the beauty of the everyday objects around you, and the geniuses who designed them.

MUSA - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Credit: Martin Voeller/Shutterstock

Engaging and eco-friendly, with a side of adventure? We're in! Meet Mexico's underwater museum. Set in the waters between Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizucthe, Museo Subacuático de Arte is not easy to access. But if you strap on your scuba gear or step aboard a glass-bottomed boat, you can explore a magical underwater world populated by over 500 sculptures on the bottom of the ocean. The art installation is the work of artist Jason deCaires Taylor, and is made of materials that help stimulate the local ecosystem.

ArtScience Museum - Singapore

Credit: Ivan Kurmyshov/Shutterstock

Located in the heart of Singapore, and resembling a giant lotus flower, the ArtScience Museum's exterior is a marvel to behold. Once inside, you will encounter a rotating selection of art and science exhibitions from around the world. There's plenty to do and see in the 21 gallery spaces, and one visit might introduce you to everything from the history of the Silk Road to Andy Warhol's most vibrant paintings and Egyptian mummies.

Museum of Ice Cream - United States

Credit: @k8colbert

The Museum of Ice Cream is pure, pink and delightful. It has popped up across the U.S., enjoying limited engagements in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Miami over the past few years. The museum is characterized by brightly-colored rooms each with a delicious theme. Indulge in your sweet tooth with exhibits like a massive sprinkle pool, a candy garden and a Pop Rocks cave. Each new room will make you feel like you're Willy Wonka.

Gibbs Farm, Auckland, New Zealand

Credit: Alex Schwab/Flickr

If you associate museums with stuffy buildings filled with priceless paintings and endless corridors, you may need to update your definition. Gibbs Farm outside Auckland, New Zealand is less enclosed museum and more sprawling ranch. This open-air sculpture park sits on 990 acres of private land and is home to dozens of large-scale sculptures commissioned by owner Alan Gibbs. Touring this collection feels more like a rustic country stroll, and it's not uncommon for sheep to be your companion as you explore these massive sculptures.  Perched on hilltops and emerging from lakes, these sculptures are simply breathtaking, and it's worth the drive to experience this landscape.

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