5 Essential Items You Need for Adventure Travel
5 Essential Items You Need for Adventure Travel

Adventure beckons, and you've decided to take the plunge and travel somewhere new and exciting. You've done your homework on the best season to travel, booked your flights at a great price, researched the must-try adventures, and are now ready to pack your bags and jet off.

Pack your favorite outfits and don't foget to throw in an extra pair of underwear. But before you head to the airport, make sure you have these 5 essentials you absolutely cannot forget.

Grayl Purifier Bottle

Hydrating is even more important when you're traveling and sightseeing every day, but it can also be difficult (not to mention expensive) when you're visiting a city that doesn't have potable tap water. So before you leave, be sure to add a GRAYL Ultralight Purifier to your luggage. The Ultralight Purifier empowers you to drink from virtually any fresh water source, like the hotel tap in Mexico City or a jungle river in Thailand.

It's fast and easy–– just 15 seconds, and your water is free from bacteria, protozoa, and virus. Fill the outer refill and press the purifier down, forcing dirty water through the powerful purifier. Water rushes through and impurities are caught by twin technologies: ion exchange (think microscopic magnets) and activated carbon (absorbs chemicals and heavy metals). The compact device fits in the bottle pouch of any standard backpack. You'll be safe from Montezuma's Revenge and other nasty travel bugs often caused by drinking untreated water.

Matador Camera Baselayer

Adventure travel = incredible photo opps! But you don't want to risk your camera getting scratched or wet whiel your trekking through jungles, scaling the pyramids at Teotihuacan, or even just strolling through the city during a downpour. Matador makes an amazing camera bag that protects your equipment from the elements. Not only is it lightweight, it has a convenient strap so your camera is accessible at a moment's notice to capture a charming monkey friend who has come to say hello.

Rain Jacket

Don't let sudden showers trap you indoors. There's adventures to be had! Grab a light (and stylish) rain jacket, like this one from Arc'teryx, to protect you from those sudden downpours. This shell is lightweight, so you can pack it into your carry on, and it includes some great features to shield you from horizontal rainfall (see extra pockets and a super convenient hood). The hood is even helmet compatible, in case you run into some rain while you're rock climbing or mountain biking. That's handy.

Solar-Powered Charger

When you're out adventuring, the last thing you want to worry about is finding an outlet to charge your phone. GoalZero makes great, easily portable charging banks that you cann connect to with a USB. Lightweight and durable, these chargers can easily be carried in your pocket for a quick boost of power while out on the trail or tucked away in the mountains. If you're extremely off the grid, consider bringing along their Nomad Solar Panel kit, which will give you solar power wherever you are.


Question: Where are you going to pack all this gear? Answer: an awesome, durable pack. Mountainsmith has you covered. Their packs are simple but effective, with detachable day packs when you're ready to lighten the load. Everyone needs a good backpack, especially when you're trekking through areas without paved roads. But living out of a backpack isn't all that easy. This pack makes it a little more conveient, with various compartments and pockets for different equipment. Plus, it's not too bulky, meaning you can transition from the wild to the city without blinking an eye.

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