Coronavirus: An Important Message From The Discoverer
Coronavirus: An Important Message From The Discoverer

Dear readers,

We take pride in introducing you to the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations. As we help you explore and learn, however, your safety and well-being remain our top priority. That's why, together, we're learning as much as we can about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and keeping abreast of the most up-to-date developments. Hope and help abounds, especially with groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) providing constant updates. Reliable sources like these help us to avoid misinformation, and stay informed and positive.

We also want to take this moment to encourage and inspire you to make the most of this time away from your office, your commute, your travel, and your social outings. In addition to continuing to deliver discoveries that stir you to plan your next big trip, we’re excited for the opportunity to be a part of curating your home and work-from-home spaces with our new, permanent section, Staycation.

We’ll be bringing you guides on how to recreate the best dishes from France and Morocco at home, alongside the best additions for filling out an ergonomic and inviting home office you’ll love working in. Expect a rundown of the best self-care products for alleviating stress and anxiety during this time, next to the travel gear and rewards credit cards you should start acquiring to make the most of your next trip. Ready to go backyard camping to prepare for a future national parks visit, or just for a change of scenery? We’ve got you covered.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your day during this time, and as always, we want your feedback. Stay safe, educated, and optimistic.

The Discoverer Team

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