Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Next Flight Easier
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Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Next Flight Easier

We’ll do just about anything to make a flight more tolerable, from noise-canceling headphones to elaborate travel pillow. Whether you’re headed overseas on a red-eye or taking to the skies for just a few hours, we’ve gathered together a list of frequent flier must-haves to make you feel like you’re flying first class, even if you’re stuck in economy.

Watch Movies From the Comfort of Your Own Headphones

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Settling into a long flight, anticipating some downtime to watch movies, is one of the joys of plane travel. Upgrade the experience by ditching the single-use, hard plastic earbuds that the airlines provide and use your own, comfy headphones with an AirFly. This nifty device plugs into the seatback entertainment center and connects to your headphones via Bluetooth. No more sore ears or crackling audio.

Catch Some Zzz’s

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Upgrade your travel sleep system with the Trtl. This isn’t your average, bulky travel pillow but an elevated version that wraps around your neck to provide much-needed head support. Its cooling yet comfy material and slim profile make it perfect for traveling.

Take Care of Your Feet

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Flying naturally causes your body to swell. These compression socks keep your feet cozy and comfortable and help your body cut back on the effects of air travel too. You’ll thank us when you’re walking around Europe’s cobblestones with unbridled feet.

Block Out the Noise

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Noise-cancelling headphones are practically a flight essential. No more snoring seat neighbors, crying babies, or loud airplane engines. It’s all music, movies, or just pure silence, all the way to your destination.

Pre-Flight In Style

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Have you ever caught a glimpse of an airport lounge and wondered what’s behind its doors? From free massages and hot showers to unlimited food and drinks, an annual Priority Pass Membership will get you access to hundreds of lounges across the world. Talk about traveling in style.

Find Your Zen

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A good sleep mask is an important tool if you plan on sleeping on a flight. The Manta Sleep Mask perfectly circles each of your eyes without applying any pressure to your peepers. This design also ensures that no light can creep in, is adjustable, and is made out of comfy material.

Enjoy Your Favorite Shows

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Sometimes you just want to use the flight to catch up on your favorite Netflix and HBO shows. This airplane phone holder mount allows you to clip your phone in landscape mode to the tray table. No more holding it up or attempting to get the perfect balance.

Charge on the Go

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It’s halfway through your flight when your headphones or phone start to die. This is the exact moment when having a portable charger is so essential for travel days. You can’t go wrong with the Anker portable charger. Not only does it have a long-lasting battery but it can also charge your iPhone up to 5 times.

Find Luxury in Economy

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Sharper Image’s Portable Airplane Shelf might seem like another unnecessary travel gadget, but you’ll be shocked at how this can transform a tiny seat. This is one of those items that’s a splurge and only works if you're in a window seat, but considering you’re not always able to have your tray table down, this is a great slice of extra space to hold your phone, glasses, or water bottle.

Create Elevated Comfort

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Wrapping around the tray table to cradle your feet in a cloud of memory foam, this foot hammock can help send you straight off into dreamland. Keeping your toes elevated is another good way to stop your feet from swelling.

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