5 Sweaters to Cozy up in This Fall
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5 Sweaters to Cozy up in This Fall

The start of sweater weather has us dreaming of cuddling up in comfy cashmere and wool to stave off the incoming winter chill. Packing thick sweaters when you travel is a quick way to use up all your luggage space, but with a few well-chosen pieces, you can sport some stylish and downright cozy sweaters through all your fall travels.

The Cashmere Crew - Everlane

Thin yet warm and stylish, this sweater is the perfect (inexpensive) answer to cashmere for travel. It works great as a base layer, keeping you warm as you transition from cool afternoons to cold nights. Plus it's thin enough to pack and add a thicker coat or other winter accessory to if you need some extra warmth.

Colorblock Cardigan - Madewell

For a sweater that acts as an easy outer layer, this cardigan from Madewell is just the pick. Stylish and warm, throw this sweater over a shirt, add a scarf and you're good to go without needing much else.

Arc'teryx Covert Sweater - REI

For something a little more rugged, check out Arc'teryx's heathered fleece. This sweater is both durable, meaning it won't tear easily, yet comfortable, trapping in heat for chilly fall hikes. Throw on an outer shell if the weather gets dismal, and you're ready to tackle whatever mountain you want.

Big Sur Ribbed Pullover Sweater - Urban Outfitters

Throw this pullover on over a T-Shirt or layer it under a coat for a warm and stylish look. The best part about this ribbed sweater is that it can fit two ways — as a crop or as a baggy layer if you order a size up. Incredibly soft, this sweater comes in multiple colors for every fall mood.

The Chunky Knit Cardigan - Everlane

Another Everlane classic, this chunky knit cardigan is perfect to throw into your carry on for when warm days turn into chilly autumn nights. Simple and versatile, this cardigan will match any fall outfit and keep you warm without having to sacrifice style.

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