Ghost Paper Adds An Extra Dimension To Your Travel Journal
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Ghost Paper Adds An Extra Dimension To Your Travel Journal

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Everyone ought to own a notebook. Sure, you can always fire up the notes app on your phone to jot down a thought in a pinch, but for most of us, putting pen to paper is a better way to commit ideas, inspirations, and travel experiences to memory.

Moleskines and Field Notes have long been the go-to notebooks for people on the go, and yes, they’re great notebooks that come in a ton of sizes and colors. But Ghost Paper’s 96-page journal has something those popular brands lack: embossed lines.

Embossed Lines Make The Difference

Ghost Paper's embossed lines
Ghost Paper's embossed lines

Most of us spend more time typing on keyboards and phones these days than writing things down on paper, and our collective penmanship has surely suffered. But Ghost Paper’s subtly raised lines help to keep your words lined up, and your characters evenly sized. My handwriting could be charitably compared to that of a first grader, and while Ghost Paper’s raised lines don’t make it look great, they absolutely make it more legible and consistent. And to address one common question I get from friends: no, the embossing doesn’t prevent you from running over the lines when you want to, or even sketching in a pinch. They’re more like speed bumps for your pen than guardrails.

Just as important as penmanship though, Ghost Paper in my mind enhances the tactile, intentional act of writing something down. It adds a third dimension for your pen and your fingers to run over, and engages your sense of touch even more than jotting down a note in a regular notebook. We can always type, and frankly, it’s usually more “practical” to do so. The reason we choose to write something down is to slow down, focus on our thoughts, and translate them to the physical act of writing. Adding embossed lines to the equation is everything you love about putting pen to paper; just more so.

Beyond the embossed lines, the Ghost Paper journal checks all of the boxes that you’d want in a travel notebook. Its soft, faux-leather cover feels great in the hand and folds back with ease. An elastic band can act as a closure, a pen holder, or a bookmark. And a pocket in the back of the notebook can hold onto travel mementos like boarding passes and event tickets. At 6” wide, I do wish they made a smaller version that could fit into more pockets, but if they could only make one size, this represents a pretty good middle ground.

More Ghost Paper Gear

For the rest of your writing needs, Ghost Paper also makes embossed line stationary, and an affordable spiral-bound notebook with more pages.

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