Grid-It Is the Chaotic Good of Gadget Organizers
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Grid-It Is the Chaotic Good of Gadget Organizers

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For a limited time, you can get a small Grid-It organizer for just $7.49 on Amazon, a new all-time low price for that size (also available from B&H, if Amazon sells out). If you need more space, the medium version is also available for $13, which isn't an all-time low, but it is on the low end of its typical price range.

Grid-It (Small) | $7 | Normally $10-$15 | Also ava at B&H

Grid-It (Medium) | $13 | Normally $13-$18

When it comes to packing things like cables, chargers, and other tech accessories, there's a spectrum of organizational options ranging from "just throw them in the bottom of the suitcase" to "buy a dedicated gadget bag with precisely-sized compartments for every conceivable accessory." Cocoon's Grid-It organizers fall somewhere in the middle, and in my opinion at least, strike just the right balance.

Though they come in multiple sizes, Grid-Its are all basically just rectangles covered in a criss-crossing latticework elastic bands, which are woven seemingly at random to create lots of different sizes of loops to hold different types of gear. Small loops can hold your average charging cable, while larger ones can keep a multi-port wall charger or even a portable hard drive in place. Once all your gear is in place, the whole apparatus slides into your bag just like a laptop or tablet.

Grid-It (Small | Medium | Large) | Amazon

The result is a slightly chaotic, but easily accessible place to keep all of your essential gadgets at arm's reach. When you want to grab your charging cable, you don't have to unzip a gadget bag; you just give it a pull to free it from the elastic. And when you want to put that cable back, you don't need to find a special charging cable compartment; any free elastic loop will do just fine. It's organized without being fussy. Expedient without being sloppy. It's perfect.

Grid-It (Small | Medium | Large) | Amazon

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