6 Haunted Airbnbs Only the Brave Should Book
6 Haunted Airbnbs Only the Brave Should Book

Spending the night in a haunted house is always unnerving, but during the autumn season, it can be downright scary. According to folklore, All Hallows Eve is the one night of the year when the barriers between the spirit world and the physical world can be broken. If this is true, the season around Halloween is the perfect time to rent a haunted Airbnb to see, once and for all, if ghosts are real. If you’re not already shaking in your boots, here’s a list of haunted Airbnbs you can rent this fall.

Hobo Hill House, Missouri

When Aaron and Erin Clark bought a 5,000-square-foot house in Jefferson City, Missouri, they had every intention of turning it into a long-term home for their family. Rather, the historic house — a 1910 American Foursquare — turned out to be quite different than they had imagined. From seeing a man wearing a top hat to flickering lights and strange occurrences, it became clear the house had a paranormal presence. When living in the house began to affect their young daughter, the Clarks decided to move out and list it on Airbnb instead. Recently featured on The Dead Files, this beautifully renovated home isn’t for the faint of heart. The first group to rent couldn’t stay the entire evening according to the News Tribune.

Rent: Hobo Hill House at $275 per night

Parks-Bowman Mansion, Louisiana

With its two-story front porch, gabled roof, and colorful trim, the Parks-Bowman Mansion looks like a typical New Orleans house from the outside. Inside, however, the NOLA rental offers more than meets the eye. Out of the three rooms available to rent on Airbnb, the appropriately-named “Haunted Bedroom” is the only one with an eternal guest. The listing maintains that the ghost is a “young girl wearing a yellow dress” who is “very shy” and isn’t likely to be seen. Other reports, however, claim the girl walks with a limp and may be found roaming the grounds while “humming lullabies.” Believed to be the young daughter of a previous owner, the girl died in the late 1800s and was buried on the property.

Rent: The Haunted Bedroom at $74 per night

Historic Civil War Farm House, Pennsylvania

It's hard to imagine that the David Stewart Farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was once a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. But since the famously-gruesome battle took place not far from where the home stands, the surrounding property was once filled with thousands of dead and wounded soldiers. Interestingly enough, should you choose to stay the night on the property, you may get the chance to see some of these soldiers yourself. The Airbnb host admits to being the home’s only “living” occupant, as there are “many others” who live there with her. Although the ghosts are purported to be friendly, visitors claim to have heard tortured screams during their stay.

Rent: Historic Civil War Farm House at $99 per night

Stroud House, North Carolina

Built by Reverend I.T. Stroud in the early 1940s, this sweet Wake Forest rental has everything a guest could want including a separate entrance, private sinks, and “glowing orbs.” That’s right — the rental hosts freely admit to the house being haunted and plenty of their friends, family members, and guests agree. In addition to the aforementioned orb, there’s also a “shadowy figure in the kitchen,” “footsteps in the hallway,” and lights that turn on and off for no reason. Did we mention there’s a music box that plays all by itself? Since the presence is considered to be benevolent, the hosts insist there is no reason to be afraid. They’ll even give you a “haunted tour of the house” free of charge.

Rent: The Stroud House at $60 per night

Laura’s Cottage, Georgia

Although there’s no mention of an unearthly presence in the Airbnb listing for Laura’s Cottage, it’s widely known that this historic residence in downtown Savannah, Georgia is haunted. Built in 1799, the cottage is named for its eternal guest, Laura, whose flowers still adorn the grounds. Located in the “Most Haunted City in America,” the home is frequently featured on walking ghost tours of the city. Although Airbnb reviewers make no mention of Laura’s occupancy, other guests have claimed the ghost was very active during their stay. A young mother staying in the cottage was so shocked by a deck of cards flying off the table, she made a Youtube video detailing the event.

Rent: Laura’s Cottage at $178 per night

Captain Grants 1754, Connecticut

This historic bed and breakfast dates back to 1754 when Captain Grant built a home for his family. The house, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, withstood the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and is well-known for its paranormal activity. If you’re looking for a ghostly encounter, book the Adelaide Room. While staying in this room, one guest reported “having her face caressed by invisible hands” and another saw “a woman dressed in colonial-era garb, holding hands with two children.” If you decide to stay on Halloween, the B&B hosts a tour of the nearby cemetery and the underground crypt before ending the evening with ghost stories around a campfire.

Rent: Captain Grants 1754 at $179 per night

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