How to Avoid Burnout on a Trip
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How to Avoid Burnout on a Trip

Whether you're backpacking the globe or taking a weekend road trip, you are susceptible to burnout every time you travel. Imagine the scene — you’re on a trip you’ve been looking forward to for ages and a few days in, you lose your enthusiasm. You had everything planned out, the perfect itinerary, and all of a sudden you're irritable and exhausted.

It may not be the biggest problem in the world, but it’s hardly what you want when you’re supposed to be having the time of your life. To reset your mind and get back on track, take a look at our tips on how to avoid burnout.

Let Go of Your Inner Perfectionist

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There is nothing like research and a good old itinerary to make sure you get the most out of your holiday. It’s great to have a plan, a list of amazing places to visit and incredible spots to eat and drink. But sometimes, it’s just not physically possible to fit everything in. If you spend the whole time rushing from one place to the next, you might find you don’t have enough time to truly enjoy any of it. Let go of the idea that your vacation has to be perfect — life rarely is, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty awesome. Allow yourself some time to explore without a detailed agenda. Plan in a rest day or two on your trip. Enjoy the very fact that you don’t have to set an alarm clock and turn up for work and appointments when you said you would. It’s up to you, and you can give yourself a day off any time you like.

Stay In

You don’t have to jump out of bed every morning at the crack of dawn. Go easy on yourself and have a well-deserved lie in. In fact, you could even spend a whole morning in your hotel room. Order room service, have breakfast in bed and throw the TV on or listen to your favorite tunes. Being in your own company without having to be on tourist mode will allow you to unwind. Don’t forget to indulge yourself with a shower or make use of the luxurious bathtub in your room — it’s sure to reinvigorate your desire to get back out there.

Find Your Happy Place

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Some home comforts while you’re away can be just the ticket to reset your brain. Think about ditching the cool cafe and heading to Starbucks if that’s your usual haunt. Whatever you can find that reminds you a bit of home and your usual way of living will allow you to sit back and remember why you’re there in the first place. Finding somewhere that feels familiar to you means you can walk in with confidence, know what you’re going to get and, who knows, even have extra creature comforts like wifi to help you research where to go next.

Create a Routine

If you can’t find a place that feels familiar, then create one. It could be finding a great place for lunch your frequent every day or setting a designated gelato break between sightseeing every afternoon. Maybe build in time in the morning to journal about your travels the day before or reading in a park near your hotel. Travel often takes us out of our routine, and while that can be a good thing, it can also get exhausting quickly. Building a new routine can help you bring some comfort and order back into your adventures.

Get a Sweat On

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Exercise is a proven remedy to many battles of the mind. Getting your heart rate up, and your adrenaline pumping is a fantastic way to take your thoughts away from your stress. After a good workout you’ll feel re-energized and ready to take on the world, or at least the part of it you’re visiting. Whether it's hitting the hotel gym, doing a quick exercise in your Airbnb, or going for a hike on a local trail, give your mind a break, and it will be back up and running in no time.

Talk to a Loved One

If you’re surrounded by strangers, you can feel lonely even in the most beautiful places. Reach out and have a chat with someone you love. A quick call will be well worth the money if it gets rid of your homesickness and reminds you of what an amazing thing you’re doing. Let those who love you lift your spirits, and you’ll sail on to the next place on your itinerary with a happy heart.

Spend Time in Nature

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Chances are you’ll be getting plenty of fresh air while you explore, but if you’ve been spending too much time in museums, or even outdoor places crammed with tourists, it’s time to get a new perspective. Take a walk along the beach, hike up a mountain or simply find a quiet bench in a public park. Being in nature can fill your lungs and rejuvenate your spirits. Reconnect with Mother Nature, and she’ll be sure to look after you.

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