A Brand-New Experience Recommended by The Discoverer: The Wonder
A Brand-New Experience Recommended by The Discoverer: The Wonder

Here at The Discoverer, we aim to satisfy your love of travel with expansive, expert-approved articles that transport you to every corner of the globe. You, our subscribers, aren’t just passionate about taking your next vacation or checking destinations off your list — you’re eager to enrich your understanding of the world. We suspect that you also love history, food, the arts, adventure, nature, or maybe all of the above. You’re hungry to read more, to dive deeper, to experience unexpected moments of discovery and clarity, and to share those revelations with the people around you. But there’s a lot out there in the digital age. Need a trusted guide to sift through it all,  to show you what’s worth your time?  

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce an all-new sister brand unlike anything we’ve put together before: The Wonder.

Created by our colleagues at Likemind (the folks behind Interesting Facts, Inspiring Quotes, and more), The Wonder is an email series dedicated to facilitating more awe-inspiring moments. Each weekday, our editors handpick a never-predictable crop of recommendations of things to read, watch, hear, play, learn, and experience. That means thought-provoking articles and books, engrossing podcasts, stunning art, mesmerizing films and video, and challenging games. We take our curation seriously (but not too seriously); every pick we make has inspired and captivated us, often sparking lively conversations among friends. Daily roundups arrive in your inbox in a concise, beautifully designed email with stunning photography and spirited notes from our editorial team. Among other things, we hope The Wonder will foster an even deeper and more free-ranging connection with our readers.

Ready to see where The Wonder will take you next? Sign up today. We can’t wait to share what we’ve found.

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