6 Trendy Latin American Cities You Haven't Heard Of
6 Trendy Latin American Cities You Haven't Heard Of

Traveling to Latin America and looking for the trendiest hidden spot to take your camera? Look no further. Machu Picchu might have ruins and Buenos Aires has the big city energy, but if you need a chic retreat off the beaten path, check out these destinations that bring the cool factor to a whole new level.

José Ignacio, Uruguay

Secret beaches, relaxing yoga studios, killer surfing, and delicious restaurants? José Ignacio is a chic resort town that should be on everyone's list. Once a sleepy fishing village, this town has come alive over the past few years, drawing jetsetting socialites from around the world to revel in this attractive hideaway. Eat a leisurely lunch by the sea, stay in a droolworthy design hotel, and stroll through upscale art galleries.

Huacachina, Peru

Meet the desert oasis that launched a hundred Instagram posts. One of the more secluded places on this list, the tiny town in the middle of the desert draws people from around the world to watch the sunset over the dunes. Try your hand at sand surfing or ride in a dune buggy, snapping the perfect minimalist pictures in the sand that stretches for miles. Luxury hotels provide the perfect place to lay out in the sun and sip something sweet.

Valparaíso, Chile

Ahh, Valparaíso. This colorful breezy city on Chile's coast is drawing more and more visitors. Its bright street art and ocean views offer up the perfect background to pictures of you with a drink in your hand. Discover the poetry of Pablo Neruda, and ride rickety funiculars to the top of graffiti'd "cerros." Find live music bars planted next to a vibrant culinary scene. We promise you won't want to leave!

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Granada, Nicaragua

Perched on the shores of Lake Granada, this city is a postcard-perfect Latin American hotspot. From its bright colonial architecture to its smattering of natural hot springs, Granada is a respite. Not to mention, its people are some of the happiest in Latin America, and they'll welcome you with open arms, showing you to the coolest eateries and galleries. The city is also located close to some natural gems, and whether you take a boat out on the lake or hike the dormant Mombacho Volcano, you'll love every second of your time here.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

The first capital of Brazil embodies the best things about this country: smiling people, mindblowing artistic movements, and an unstoppable energy. Bahia is the most African state of Brazil, and this diverse blend of cultures is present in the rhythm of the city's nightlife. Music, food, and a tropical coastline greet you around every corner. Go window shopping past pastel-coloured stores and homes, and don't forget to smile - you're in Bahia!

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena isn't much of a hidden gem these days, as more and more travelers flock to this Carribbean city. And we understand why. Everything about this city is stylish - from the brightly painted houses to the sun-drenched islands. Walk the ancient walls while the sun goes down, then dance the night away in a thumping dance club.

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