BetterHelp Can Help Get Your Mind Right With Therapy on Your Schedule
BetterHelp Can Help Get Your Mind Right With Therapy on Your Schedule

Sometimes, the most important explorations have nothing to do with getting on a plane or venturing out for parts unknown. In fact, some of the most illuminating insights we'll ever understand about our world and our place in it come from remaining exactly where we stand — and turning inward. BetterHelp is here to help you do just that, and become the best version of yourself along the way.

It Starts With Introspection

Of course, that type of enlightenment doesn't often come easy. Introspection can bring up some uncomfortable truths about ourselves. For example, about one in five Americans — about 50 million adults — are experiencing a mental illness right now. Identifying and treating that illness can be a frustrating process, especially if you're too busy, don’t have the money, or you’re uncertain how to attack those problems.

BetterHelp was created to make the benefits of therapy and mental health treatment more accessible, more affordable, and much more convenient for anyone suffering from a mental health issue. Nearly a decade after its launch, BetterHelp has grown to become the world's largest professional therapy platform, helping about 3.5 million people schedule over 250 million sessions to help get to the bottom of countless mental health struggles — from mild anxiety or unease to psychiatric conditions such as depression, bulimia, panic attacks, or bipolar disorder.

Creating a Path to Wellness

BetterHelp can get sufferers on a path to wellness. Anyone can go to the BetterHelp website, answer a few quick questions about what's bothering them, then allow BetterHelp to tab a trained clinician nearby to help get that situation under control.

BetterHelp has the connections to make it happen, featuring a stable of more than 28,000 licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and other accredited professionals at the ready. Using your specific answers, BetterHelp finds the one nearest to you with just the right training and experience to help make a difference. Each board-certified BetterHelp professional is a true expert in their field, holding a doctorate or a master's degree while spending over 1,000 hours seeing actual patients.

Once BetterHelp connects you with a professional, you can meet with your mental health expert your way, through texting, online chatting, phone sessions, and live video conferencing. And while your therapist may know your name, BetterHelp lets everyone remain safely anonymous, never asking for so much as a patient's name to facilitate a meeting or cataloging any of their personal issues.

It's Affordable and Convenient

BetterHelp isn't just incredibly convenient — it's also a powerful tonic against getting gouged by doctors and insurance companies. While typical therapy can cost as much as $200 or more per session, BetterHelp gets your time booked with much less impact on your wallet. Most clinicians charge only $60 to $90 per week, depending on location and availability specifics.

"She has helped me so much the last few months," one patient reported about her time spent with one of BetterHelp's pros, social worker Allison Crotwell. "She has never judged me, validates my thoughts and feelings, and treats me like a real human instead of treating me like something is wrong with me. I’m forever grateful for her!"

Head to the BetterHelp website and get your mental health recovery started with a personal recommendation in under 48 hours. New users can get up to 25% off their first month's sessions when they schedule a meeting now.

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