5 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in the U.S.
5 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in the U.S.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for showing just how much you love your significant other, and one of the best ways to celebrate is with a decadent dinner. While some people prefer a cozy home-cooked meal, there’s something special about venturing out on the town to indulge in some fine dining at an intimate restaurant.

No matter where you live, chances are there’s a nearby date spot that’s beloved by locals. But there are some eateries that truly go above and beyond, and are known throughout the country as bucket list culinary destinations for couples. If you’re looking for a date spot this Valentine’s Day, then here are five of the most romantic restaurants in the U.S.

Amour — Los Angeles, California

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Amour is a recent addition to LA’s West Hollywood neighborhood, though despite its infancy, the restaurant is already considered one of America’s most romantic eateries. Upon entering this historic building, you’ll be met with awe-inspiring decor that evokes the vibe of a classical French bistro, ensuring that your dinner will be a memorable one. The main dining hall is adorned with antique lighting fixtures and flooring, while the lounge area is lined with plush velvet seating for you to sink into. Then there’s the private Parisian-style dining room, which is perfect for several loving couples to gather and indulge in the restaurant’s 12-course tasting menu.

The restaurant offers French-style cuisine, with some dishes featuring an added element of Japanese fusion. Some of the standard French fare includes steak au poivre and crisp endive salads, while those looking for a special experience can order some Japanese A5 Kobe wagyu beef. You can book your table at Amour right here, so prepare yourself for a date night that will transcend all others.

Jean-Georges — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Interior of Jean-Georges restaurant, with bar on one side and vases of purple flowers.
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Jean-Georges is located on the 59th floor of Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Hotel, making it among the more scenic establishments anywhere in the country. The floor to ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the surrounding metropolis, and the only thing more beautiful than those views will be your partner sitting across from you. The atmosphere inside Jean-Georges can’t be beat, as the combination of light jazz music and impeccable service ensures that you’ll be treated well the moment you enter the door.

The menu at Jean-Georges features decadent options such as their “caviar creations,” which are a flavorful way to start any meal. Other highlights include fresh Maine lobster, duck a l’orange, and mozzarella ravioli covered in a black truffle fondue. Assuming you and your date have room for dessert, then what better way to cap off the meal than with a rich, dark chocolate mousse accompanied by some refreshing matcha ice cream. It should come as no surprise that tables at Jean-Georges can be hard to come by, so call the restaurant well in advance to plan out a romantic dinner that you’ll never forget.

Le Fou Frog — Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City is known for its hearty barbecue, which isn’t necessarily the most romantic of cuisines. But in addition to the many smokehouses located throughout the city, you can find some intimate gems such as Le Fou Frog, a French bistro located in the heart of the city. This establishment has been serving hungry couples since it first opened in 1996, and is decorated with soft lighting and cozy tables that add to the deeply intimate environment. Le Fou Frog also offers patio seating if you’d like to dine under the stars.

The menu offers many French staples such as lobster and cognac bisque, as well as garlicky escargots — just be sure to swig some mouthwash before kissing your date! The restaurant is also known for its seemingly endless wine list, as you can choose from a wide variety of bottles of French wine. Best of all, Le Fou Frog is offering a special Valentine’s Week menu this year, so be sure to visit before February 18th if possible to enjoy some of their special, cheekily-written offerings.

Seven Glaciers — Girdwood, Alaska

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Seven Glaciers restaurant may not be the most easily accessible date spot in the world, but it’s well worth the trip. Located outside of Anchorage, this incredible establishment is situated atop Mt. Alyeska, thus offering spectacular views of the surrounding Alaskan wilderness. In fact, the name of the restaurant isn’t just a coincidence, as you can see seven individual glaciers from inside the restaurant, providing one of the more unique views anywhere in the country.

If you’re an oenophile then you’re going to love Seven Glaciers, which is consistently ranked among the best wine restaurants in the country and was even named one of America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants in 2023. While the menu may be limited in terms of the options offered, each dish is carefully curated by chefs to be more delicious than you could even imagine. Some menu highlights include a four course prix fixe, where you can indulge in a locally-sourced scallop bisque before moving onto beef tenderloin accompanied by seasonal mushrooms. If you’re in Alaska, or simply looking for a romantic adventure, then book your reservation at Seven Glaciers now.

The Olde Pink House — Savannah, Georgia

The Olde Pink House and Restaurant exterior.
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The Olde Pink House is situated inside a historic mansion built in 1771, that remains a focal point of downtown Savannah’s historic district. While the mansion was originally painted white for many years, it was purchased and converted into a tea room during the 1920s and repainted pink to match the desired aesthetic. The building has since been converted into a full-service restaurant, which provides an unforgettable dining experience to take any date night to the next level.

Begin your meal with some fried green tomatoes or fried oysters — which are of course known for being an aphrodisiac. Then select from the many delicious main courses such as crispy lobster tail or pecan crusted chicken breast. If you can’t settle on just one, then order several dishes for you and your loved one to share. Lastly, be sure to celebrate your relationship by sipping on one of the Olde Pink House’s many signature libations. Some of their more popular drinks include one that incorporates rum soaked in bourbon barrels, as well as a raspberry-infused vodka cocktail that’s refreshing and delicious.

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