The New Generation of Non-Toxic Cookware
The New Generation of Non-Toxic Cookware

Meet Caraway

Whether you’re a self-declared home chef or just getting started in the kitchen, we have a company you need to get familiar with. Caraway designs beautiful and quality cookware, without chemicals. The Caraway ceramic cookware set not only comes in the most beautiful and eye-catching colorways, but they're also made without any toxic materials like PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, or other hard-to-pronounce chemicals. This also means no harmful chemicals will leach into your food or home when cooking! Who doesn’t love that?

Cook With A Stick-Free Surface

Caraway cookware makes cooking even easier. Ceramic’s naturally slick surface means minimal oil or butter when trying to make slide-off-the-pan eggs or sautéing fresh veggies. This also means that it is easier to clean, so you can spend less time doing dishes.

Store With Ease

Caraway likes to make life easier and all of its products are designed with storage in mind. Sets come equipped with easy-to-use storage solutions to keep your kitchen organized and pristine. Rattling and hard-to-close draws and cabinets are a thing of the past—the magnetic pan racks and the canvas lid storage make storing your cookware so much easier.

Fall in Love With Caraway's Sleek Design

What first caught our attention about Caraway is how beautiful and sleek the cookware set looks, but what keeps us talking is everything they have to offer. Over 30,000 people can confirm that Caraway makes cooking better. Explore colors ranging from brick red to marigold, and our favorite, sage green. Pick your favorite and start cooking!

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