Help Us Introduce Great Products To Our Subscribers
Help Us Introduce Great Products To Our Subscribers

The Discoverer is looking for talented freelance commerce writers who want to share their favorite products with millions of fellow travelers and lifetime learners.

Here at The Discoverer, we build brands that deliver educational and entertaining experiences directly to our subscribers’ inboxes—expanding perspectives through the wonder of learning. We’re looking for freelance contributors who can help us introduce great products to our subscribers on The Discoverer, along with our sister brands including Trivia Genius, Word Genius, and more.

We’re happy to read any pitch submitted through this form, but here’s a general idea of the kind of work we’re looking for on a regular basis:

Odes To Your Favorite Products: We’re always on the lookout for clever, under-the-radar, or just generally excellent gear that can make our subscribers’ lives better. We don’t operate a “reviews” site, but rather, we’re interested in products that you can tell a good story about (like these trekking poles that got a writer out of a dangerous hiking situation), or that you can use to teach our readers something interesting (did you know that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are made from melamine, which was originally developed as soundproofing?).

Actionable Travel Tips: To the extent that you travel these days, what are you packing? Whether it’s your favorite packing cubes, your must-own gear for car camping, or an inexpensive solution that makes face masks comfortable for long flights, we’re interested in the best and most useful products for traveling in the age of COVID-19, and beyond.

Products From Other Parts of the World: If there’s one thing our subscribers love, it’s learning about other cultures. While international travel is shut down, we want to introduce them to interesting and excellent products that hail from outside of our borders. Why is sunscreen better in Japan? Where can you buy authentic, Mayan-inspired textiles from Guatemala? Why did this face mask lead to lines out the door across Asia? There’s an entire world’s worth of cool products out there that our readers are just waiting to discover.

Rates range from $50-$200 depending on length and experience, with the possibility of higher rates for longer than usual pieces. We can’t wait to hear from you!

All featured products and deals are selected independently and objectively by the author. The Discoverer may receive a share of sales via affiliate links in content.